Should Have Been Childs-Play

| Working | September 19, 2014

(This story takes place a few years ago, when my eldest child was only a few months old. I have just returned to work, and my husband is out of the state at a conference. I am picking my daughter up from her childcare centre, and am still nervous about leaving her for the day. I arrive to find a carer locking the main gate.)

Me: “Oh, my god! What are you doing? My baby’s in there!”

Carer: “Excuse me, ma’am, but all children have been picked up all ready. I’m locking up.”

(I’m obviously extremely distressed by this.)

Me: “Please, my daughter! You have to let me in!”

Carer: “Please step back, ma’am. All children have been picked up. You need to calm down.”

Me: “But I haven’t picked her up yet! She’s still here. Let me in!”

Carer: “Your husband probably picked her up and forgot to tell you. It’s not my fault. Take it up with him.”

(By this point I am in tears and screaming.)

Me: “My husband’s out of the state. Either let me in or I’m calling the police.”

(The carer eventually let me in, and, surprise, surprise, we found my daughter sitting in the playroom, perfectly happy on her own. Needless to say, I never left her there again.)

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