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Should Get That Reaction On Tape

, , , , | Working | December 9, 2019

(I am in the break room, hanging up a sign that my boss wants on the wall. I roll four pieces of tape on the back and hang it up, and then turn around to sit and start my lunch. A coworker comes in just as I smooth my hand over the sign, affixing it to the wall.)

Coworker: “How… did you do that?”

Me: “Do what?”

Coworker: “That sign. I don’t see how it’s hanging there… It’s just… hanging there.”

Me: “Tape?”

Coworker: “But where’s the tape? I don’t see it.”

Me: “It’s on the back?” *goes over and peels one of the corners off to show him where I rolled the tape*

Coworker: “Wow! I’ve never seen tape done like that!”

(He closely inspected how I’d rolled the tape and stuck the sign on, then wished me a good lunch and walked off. I guess… I have amazing taping skills? I thought taping things like that was common knowledge, but I guess not.)

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