Should Get A Handwritten Apology

| Everett, WA, USA | Learning | May 12, 2017

(I’ve never had good penmanship growing up; though it is legible it isn’t as pretty or crisp that most would expect a girl to have. Most teachers commented on it but never did much, since I made sure to make it legible and spaced when I turned in assignments. However in seventh grade, my teacher decides to take matters into her own hands.)

Teacher: “Everyone, look at this assignment. This is [My Name]’s essay. She has horrible handwriting.”

(Class goes silent, not sure on how to react to this.)

Teacher: “[My Name], you need to work on my handwriting since this one is terrible.”

(She grabs a blank piece of paper and sits down next to me, class staring in awe. She makes exaggerated letters and lines, like kindergarteners use when first learning how to write.)

Teacher: “Do these handwriting exercises.”

(I’ve been silent this entire exchange, I pick up my pencil. The teacher scowls.)

Teacher: “NO. You’re holding your pencil wrong.” *in a babying tone* “Do you know how to hold a pencil?”

(The teacher grabbed my hands and pushed the pencil in the way she thought was right. As a reference, instead of resting my pencil on my middle finger, I rest it on my index finger. She continued on this rant about my handwriting until the bell rang and we were dismissed. She forgot about the incident the next day. People in the class who had bullied me felt bad for me and still remember the incident eight years later.)

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