Should Capture That Response On Camera

| Madison, WI, USA | Friendly | April 10, 2016

(I am with a few friends while a couple of them set up a new TV stand. We are all bantering good-naturedly so I pull out my phone and record a video of it. Everyone is aware I am doing this. About five minutes after I put the phone away, Friend #2 picks up her bag and goes to the door.)

Friend #1: “Oh, are you leaving?”

Friend #2: “Yeah.” *points at me* “Don’t you EVER film me again!”

(Friend #2 storms out. The rest of us blink at each other for a few seconds.)

Friend #2: *from outside* “A**-HOLE!”

(We found out later that Friend #2 had a phobia of being photographed or recorded, and never mentioned it to any of us.)

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