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Should Be Paying Half As Much For Schooling

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I am checking out a young man who seems to be with his parents.

Young Man: “That item rang up wrong. It’s 50% off.”

Me: “Yes, sir. The normal price is $4, and they’re ringing up for $2.”

Young Man: “No, 50% off would be $1.50. Someone screwed up.”

Me: “Sorry, sir, but half of four is two.”

Young Man: “Who said anything about half?! It’s 50%! You half it and then take off fifty!”

Me: “That’s… not how it works at all. 50% is half. You halve the price and that’s it.”

Young Man: “You can’t do math.”

I hold up four fingers.

Me: “Here is four. Half of this is…”

I drop two fingers.

Me: “Therefore, the price is correct.”

Young Man: “Well, then you should just say half off! None of this percentage crap.”

Finally, the young man’s father speaks up.

Father: “Why did we spend all that money on private school when this girl just schooled you for free?!”

They accepted the correct price for their items.

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