Should Be As Plain As (Seven) Day

| Working | August 27, 2014

(I rented two seven-day films five and six days prior respectively, when I get a call saying I have a late film. I figure I miscalculated the kids film I rented. I go in to return them and pay the fee.)

Cashier: “That’s $10 for [Film Title] being five days late.”

Me: “$10? For [Film Title]? That’s a seven-day film!””

Cashier: “It’s going to be just as expensive for those films, you know!”

(The cashier has gotten quite aggressive. I get the film and show the seven-day tag and tell her to check the day it was checked out.)

Cashier: “You took it out on Monday. You’re late by five days!”

Me: “It’s only been five days. It’s a seven-day film. There is no late fee.”

(The cashier gets really angry and refuses to make eye contact as she angrily hits the keyboard to delete the fee.)

Cashier: “There. The fee is taken off. You’re welcome.”

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