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Shot Yourself In The Foot, Didn’t You?

, , , , , | Working | August 2, 2021

I am dogsitting for a neighbor and am taking the dog for a walk. As I head back into the neighborhood, a driver very aggressively passes and honks at us while we are in the crosswalk. The driver turns down my street and parks in front of my parents’ house. As I approach her, she starts unloading things from her vehicle. 

Me: “Hey, that was really rude of you. You almost ran us over!”

The woman waves her hand at me and starts walking toward the house

Woman: “I’m late and I don’t have time for a stupid girl like you! You were in my way!”

I take the dog back to my neighbor’s house and spend about ten minutes there before going back to my house. I walk in the door and go upstairs to find my parents and the woman sitting at the table. The woman is trying to sell them some expensive appliances, and so far, my parents are interested in some items. She has her back to me, so I walk over to my parents with a big smile. 

Me: “Hi, Mom and Dad!” 

The woman’s face dropped and she turned pale. She very quickly finished her presentation and hightailed it out of there. Afterward, my parents asked why she started acting strange once I came in. When I told them what had happened, my dad called her company and explained to them why they wouldn’t be purchasing anything from her or the company.

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