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Shot Past That Part Of The Form

, , , | Right | October 30, 2018

(I work as a healthcare consultant. We help doctors earn bonus money from Medicare and Medicaid for meeting certain goals. One client’s office manager sent me the data ahead of time, and now I am entering it online, while she is on the phone with me.)

Me: *reading from the question* “Active engagement with an immunization registry. Do you give any shots, any at all?”

Client’s Office Manager: “No. We refer everyone to the county health department.”

(I check the box for “no” and hit continue. The next page is where you enter the numbers related to the goals. One of the measures is flu vaccines.)

Me: “So, this one will be zero, because you…”

(I look at the spreadsheet and see the practice gave fifteen flu shots during the time frame.)

Me: “I thought you said you didn’t give shots?”

Client’s Office Manager: “Oh, we give flu shots. Do those count?”

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