Short Fry

, , , | Right | January 14, 2020

(I have just ordered a meal at the speaker of a fast food restaurant and was told to drive up to the window. This particular drive-thru is one of those one-window deals. There is only one car in front of me and, from where I’m sitting, the driver looks unhappy. Even with my window down, I can only really catch some of the conversation, as the restaurant is right next to a very busy street. There is a lot of hand movement and finger-pointing from the driver, as well as her holding her bag out of the window and shaking it. Also, after the bag shaking, the driver puts the bag on the seat next to her and rummages in it for almost a minute, while the cashier tries to get her attention. Eventually, a small fry is handed through the window to the driver. She snatches it, yells something, and drives off. I pull up to the window.)

Me: “What was that all about?”

Cashier: *obviously frazzled* “She yelled at me that we shortchanged her on her fries!

Me: “What, you forgot an order?”

Cashier: “No, the number of fries in her large fry!”

Me: “Was she counting them?!”

Cashier: “Yes!”

(I start laughing and get my order, which happens to be a burger.)

Me: “Before I go, how many seeds are on this bun?”

Cashier: “Don’t you dare!”

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