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Short Attention Spans, Man

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When I attended college in the 1980s, I had an account with a bank in the town my college. Between school years, I closed and then reopened a checking account with them to avoid fees based on their account guidelines. The summer before junior year, I managed to save a bunch of money and had a cashier’s check to open a new account.

Bank: “I’m sorry, but because you closed two accounts with us within a year, we can’t open a new checking account for you.”

Okay, fine, that’s on me; I didn’t realize such a thing was policy.

Me: “All right. Can I at least cash this cashier’s check?”

Bank: “Sure. Do you have an account with us?”

Me: *Gobsmacked* “I’m trying to open one! I wouldn’t be trying to cash this cashier’s check if I had an account!”

Bank: “Well, I thought maybe you had a different kind of account with us.”

I never did business with that bank again.

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