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Shopping Around For A New Holiday

, , | Learning | December 22, 2015

(I am waiting with one of my fourth-grade students for the others to arrive so we can begin class. It is just after Halloween, so we are discussing holidays. The student is Muslim, and although I am not Christian, I do celebrate Christmas.)

Student: “So, if you made your wish on Christmas, could the Christmas Man still bring it to you, or do you have to ask him before?”

Me: “He comes the night before Christmas, so you have to ask him before.”

Student: “Is Christmas your favorite holiday?”

Me: “Yeah. What’s yours?”

Student: “Eid. It’s three days long. How long is Christmas?”

Me: “Just one day. That sounds like fun, having a three-day holiday.”

Student: “Yeah, it’s good, because it means if your mom won’t take you to Mall of America the first day, she might take you the second day.”

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