Shop-Lifting Your Spirits By Never Coming Back

, , , | Legal Right | November 2, 2018

(This story was told to me by my mom, who used to work at a supermarket that’s popular in our area. I must note that because this story didn’t directly happen to my mom, it is mostly narrative as i don’t have full details. While my mom is working, loss prevention is following a guy as he was obviously trying to steal stuff, like shoes, a watch, among other stuff. The guy, figuring out that LP is following him, spins around to shout:)

Shoplifter: “This is bull****! I’m not stealing anything!!”

(The man yells as he begins removing and taking out the stuff he was planning to steal. After he finishes he shouts:)

Shoplifter: “I’m never coming back to this store!”

Loss Prevention: “Good!”

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