Shooting For Controversy

, , , , | Learning | October 20, 2018

(An exchange student from Slovakia gives a presentation about her home country to several classes. Some gems:)

Girl: “These are common dishes in Slovakia. For some reason they all look disgusting.”

Girl: “No one cares about American football besides you. No one.”

Girl: “In Slovakia, we don’t have school shootings, or hurricanes, or tornadoes. We’re pretty peaceful.”

Girl: “Where do Europeans vacation? Other European countries!”

Girl: “In Slovakia, everyone usually goes to several other countries once a year or so. In America, you guys don’t even go to Canada. It doesn’t make sense!”

Girl: “How do you guys not have a volleyball team, but you have a bowling team?!”

Girl: “I like gym class here. I hate gym, and I don’t have to do anything.”

(After class:)

Me: “Sorry your national dishes look disgusting.”

Girl: “That’s okay; we don’t have school shootings!”

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