Shock At Women Doing Home Improvement Shows Men’s Attitudes Are Still Going Down The Drain

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(I’m home from college when my mom’s kitchen sink faucet stops working. She and I go to pick out a new one, bringing my twelve-year-old brother. My brother decides to wander down the mall to a different store, but plans to meet us in a bit. Mom and I pick a faucet, and we are standing in line to check out when the customer in front of us decides to start up a conversation.)

Customer: “New faucet, huh? You run it by your husband to make sure it will fit?”

Mom: “No, but it’s fine.”

Customer: “You ladies really should call him and make sure, before you have to return it! Don’t want him to get mad!”

Me: “My father hasn’t been in the picture for ten years; I don’t need to check in with him. This is the right faucet.”

Customer: “Your plumber, then! He can probably get you that for cheaper.”

Me: “We are fine.”

Customer: “Are you planning to do this yourself? I hope you realize you’ll have to climb around under the sink to assemble that!”

Me: “I repeat: we are fine.”

(He sputters out a few more objections when my brother walks up. Instantly the guy is all smiles.)

Customer: “Hey there! I didn’t know you were with your mom; I’ve been giving her such a hard time about installing that faucet!” *laughs* “You’ll do great.”

Brother: “Uh, I don’t know how to do that.”

Customer: “Oh, just follow the instructions; it’s real easy! *laughs* “You’ll do great.”

(He sort of slapped my brother on the shoulder and checked out. After he left, my brother fearfully asked if he really had to install the faucet and was relieved when I said I’d do it. I did, and it’s working fine six months later, even though I’m — GASP — an adult woman and not a tween boy.)

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