Shifty Behavior, Part 2

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(I’ve just started a new job in a new city. I’m going about my day when my coworker approaches me with a request.)

Coworker: “Could you work this Saturday for me? I’ve got to go this preschool orientation for my kid.”

Me: “I’m not certain. The owner says he needs experienced people on the weekend crew because he doesn’t come in and it’s just two people working. I also need to check with my husband to see if we have plans already.”

Coworker: “Well, if you take my shift, I’ll be willing to swap any other day when you need it! Like, for instance, if you want to go to a concert on a Friday, I’d be available to take the shift. I need all I can get because this school is expensive.”

Me: “Okay, if you’re willing to swap at a later date.”

(One week later, my husband and I hear that there is, coincidentally, a concert on a Friday that both my husband and I are very excited about. I call up the coworker to see if he can work my Friday shift. After exchanging the necessary pleasantries, I get down to business.)

Me: “So, remember when I worked your shift? Would you be available for my evening shift on the Friday after next? This way you’d be able to spend some extra quality time with your son that you’ve said you’ve been missing since he started school.”

Coworker: “I don’t know; it’s such short notice, and I’d have to clear it with the wife and the schedule to see if I can make it. You know, us parents don’t have the same kind of free time that you and your boyfriend have got at the beginning of a relationship.”

Me: *feeling as though I had been duped and not appreciating the condescension* “Well, could you check? I’d also be willing to work another day for you, whenever you need it. You’re the last person I’m asking; everyone else is scheduled to work the Friday after next’s shift already, and this was going to be the way that we were going to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.”

Coworker: “Oh, I thought you were talking about this weekend! No, I can’t. I’ve got to be around the house all that week, preparing for our move.”

Me: “Oh, where are you moving to?”

Coworker: “The east coast. My parents have got us a great deal on a house and there’s a design business that hired me on. I was really lucky to get that job, but we’re kind of bummed that we’re going to have to move away. [Son] was getting along great in his school.”

Me: “Well, since I probably won’t see you again, best of luck.”

(When I got to work that weekend, because I picked up all of his shifts including a few on the weekdays, the regular employee told me that he’d known about this move since before we swapped shifts. He obviously had no intention whatsoever to return the favor and also lied about his kid being in preschool — he was in daycare — in order to gain sympathy.)

Shifty Behavior

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