This Shift Is On Fire Tonight

, , , | Right | October 20, 2017

(I’m working a late night, bored out of my skull, when a well-dressed young man comes in and grabs a candy bar and a soda, etc. When he comes to check out, I’m just trying to be friendly and hope the night ends quickly.)

Customer: “Hey! How are you doing tonight?”

Me: “Oh, fantastic! Yourself?”

(The young man smiles a wry grin and flips out his wallet. A ball of flame a foot high shoots from it, and I’m scared out of my skin, nearly falling over onto the floor.)

Customer: “Just great! Boring night, eh?”

Me: “I, uh… Yeah. Nice and slow.”

(The man snapped his wallet again, and a slightly weaker puff of fire belched out. I caught a glimpse of some kind of mechanism in his wallet. The sale concluded normally, though I asked for a break from my manager to make sure that it really happened, and that my eyebrows hadn’t been singed off.)

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