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Shift Employees On Day One

, , , , | Working | February 11, 2018

(It’s my first day at my first job, and I am training under another employee. There is one other guy doing the same job nearby.)

Coworker: “Hey! Hey, [Trainer]! Cover my shift on Friday!”

([Trainer] looks sideways at me and sighs.)

Trainer: “What shift?”

Coworker: “Ten-thirty to seven! Work it for me!”

Trainer: “That’s eight and half hours! It’s not going to happen! Now, please leave me alone; I’m trying to train [My Name].”

([Trainer] looks at me and smiles sheepishly.)

Trainer: “I swear most of the people here aren’t that inconsiderate. Now, where were—”

([Coworker] cuts off [Trainer], speaking loudly over her.)

Coworker: “I need you to work it for me!”

([Trainer] sighs and turns toward him.)

Trainer: “[Coworker]. I am not going to work your shift on Friday. Stop asking.”

(He then tries to bribe her with employee coupons to the store, and she continues to decline, getting steadily more frustrated.)


Coworker: “Well, I’m going to call off, whether I can get someone to cover it or not! I can’t miss [sporting event].”

(The way scheduling works at this store makes it extremely difficult to replace someone who suddenly calls off, something I had been told not an hour before.)

Me: “Wow, my first day here, and I already think I’m a better employee than this guy.”

([Trainer] laughed, and the other guy stormed off to work at a different register.)

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