She’s Not Paying Jack

, , , | Right | April 6, 2021

I install car audio equipment for a large electronics retailer. A customer has purchased an auxiliary input adapter, which allows a phone or portable music player to be used with an older car radio that doesn’t have an input jack. She’s having it installed into her daughter’s car for a surprise birthday present.

When I check in the vehicle, I notice that it’s already equipped with a factory input jack, which makes her adapter unnecessary. In this vehicle, the jack is in a somewhat hidden location, so neither the customer nor her daughter knew it was there. I show it to the customer and refund what she paid for the adapter.

Me: “Would you like to go back into the store so you can pick out a different birthday present for your daughter?”

Customer: “Oh, no! I’m just going to show her the factory jack and tell her that I paid for it to be installed.”

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