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She’s Not Cosplaying Around

| Related | May 9, 2013

(I’m in the basement. I’m working on a large scale project, and can’t leave the work unattended.)

Me: “Hey, sis. Can you run to my room and grab the extra pair of craft scissors?”

Sister: “Uh…”

(She is EXTREMELY reluctant, because my room is completely covered in various works in progress. There is basically no floor to walk on.)

Sister: “How am I even supposed to find anything in you room?”

Me: “It’s organized chaos! The scissors are on the floor by the foot of my desk.”

Sister: “Okay…”

(She reluctantly leaves to get my scissors. Almost 10 minutes later I realize she’s been gone for a long time. Fearing she might’ve actually tripped and hurt herself in my clutter, I run up from the basement and shout upstairs.)



(I start laughing.)

Sister: “No, seriously! It’s like your room moved! I turned around and there’s NO FLOOR! It won’t let me leave!”

(I guide her out when I’m done laughing.)

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