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She’s Going To Stew Over This One For A Long Time

, , , , | Related | July 25, 2020

My mom makes her infamous chicken stew all the time, which I have learned is her sticking chicken and vegetables in a huge boiling pot of water with a dash of salt and forgetting about it for an hour. It comes out like mixed sludge, and only my dad likes it. My sibling tolerates it, but I am sick of it at eight.

Me: “Mom, I can’t eat this. It’s gonna make me sick!”

Mom: “Eat it; it’s not feces!”

So, I ate it and later, after I went to bed, I was sick. My poor stomach had enough and barfed it up and it was all over me and my blanket; the smell made me barf again. I went and got Mom, who was shocked that her stew would make me sick. My family was, too. 

To this day, they think I went overboard by barfing it up, as she took it pretty hard. I don’t know why they’d think I’d make myself sick, but they do. I know moms work hard at making their families food, but they shouldn’t force it.