She’s Full Of Hot Air(bag)

| Related | January 24, 2015

(I am 16 and have just got my drivers license. My parents are overjoyed to have me taking over the task of driving my 15-year-old sister and myself to and from high school. I am somewhat less enthusiastic about the extra time alone with my little sister.)

Sister: “I don’t wanna listen to your dumb talk radio. Let me change it!”

Me: “I don’t care. I hate your music and it’s just for a ten minute drive home. Listen when you get back to your room with that giant stereo!”

(It goes on like this until she starts PUNCHING me in the face while I’m driving!)

Me: *deflecting her blows while trying to maintain sight of the road and control of the vehicle* “Are you crazy!? What are you doing?”

Sister: “When we get into an accident, it’ll be your fault because you’re the one that made me angry!”

Me: “Yeah, well the joke’s on you. My car doesn’t have passenger side airbags.”

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