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She’s Comfortable With Herself In An Extra-Large Way

, , | Right | May 19, 2020

A fairly petite young woman approaches me.

Customer: “Do you have anything in an extra-large?”

Me: “Yes, we do, but I think an extra-large would be a little big on you.”

Customer: “That’s fine. I like wearing big clothing. It’s comfortable.”

I show her to the plus-size section. She picks out a sweater and goes into a changing room to try it on. When she comes out, the neckline is lopsided and exposes one of her shoulders, the sleeves go past her hands, and the bottom almost reaches her knees.

Me: “Well… how do you like it?”

Customer: “I love it! It’s perfect!”

She ends up buying three more sweaters, and when she goes to pay, she says:

Customer: “Thank you so much! You’ve been so helpful. I’m definitely shopping here again!”

I did indeed see her again not long after, wearing one of the oversized sweaters I’d sold her.

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