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She’s A Real Print-cess

, , , , | Working | March 22, 2021

I’ve been at my part-time job for seven or eight months, so I’m still new, but not brand new. I have just printed some things from my computer at my desk and head over to the department printer, located in a small room near the secretary’s desk. The secretary is on the phone as I walk by. Some of my pages were printed before the printer ran out of paper. I grab a new package of paper, open it, and open the paper drawer, and then the secretary bursts in.

Secretary: “What are you doing?! Don’t touch that!”

Me: “Oh! I’m just… It’s out of paper. I’m putting more in.”

Secretary: “That’s my job! Get away! You’ll break it!”

Me: “No, it’s okay. I know how to do this; we had the same printer at my old job.”

Secretary: “This. Is. My. Job. If you break the printer, you’ll be in trouble!”

Me: “It’s… just paper. It’s not hard.”

Secretary: “Give me that and go away!”

She takes the fresh paper out of my hand and starts to load the paper tray. It takes her a few times to get the paper in right.

Secretary: “See? Only I know how to do it right. You’d break the printer.”

And she stomped back to her desk and her phone call.

The irony is that every time I asked her to do something that was her job, she ignored me. The one time I could do something for myself, she wouldn’t let me. Fortunately, she retired a few months after that and her replacement was excellent!

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