She’s A Real Piece Of Work

| Working | February 3, 2014

(When my competent coworker quits, my boss talks the firm into hiring a replacement who has absolutely no secretarial experience, who was an usherette at the symphony. She is very attractive and my boss is getting divorced. We came back from the four-day Thanksgiving break and my bosses, Boss #1 and Boss #2, have both been in the office all weekend, working. On my desk I have easily four days’ of work from Boss #2 and a brief with an urgent deadline from Boss #1, as well as several pages of dictated notes. All are labeled ‘urgent.’ My new coworker, meanwhile, has one note on her desk from her boss that says ‘I need two file folders labeled.’ He has the names written out that he wants on the labels, and he has left her a two-page document he wants her to fax.)

Me: “Sheesh! Look at all this work!”

Coworker: “I know. Mine is EVEN WORSE!”

(My coworker then calls the office manager who quickly sends two other secretaries to take those ‘oh-so-difficult’ tasks off her pretty little hands. The kicker? I used to beg for help when I got backed up and NEVER got any.)

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