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She’s A Pill!

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I’m working at the front desk of a clinic when I receive this call.

Client: “Hi. I just went to pick up my medications, and there weren’t enough pills.”

Me: “I’m so sorry about that. Can I please have your name so I can look into this?”

The client gives me his name, and I pull up his chart on the computer.

Me: “It looks like your doctor put in a new prescription for you today. Is this the one you tried to pick up?”

Client: “Yes. There weren’t enough pills for two months.”

Me: “According to the prescription, the doctor gave you a one-month supply, with one refill, for a total of two months, so you should only have enough for one month right now. You can order a refill when you get low.”

Client: “But there aren’t enough pills!”

Me: “How many do you take in one month?”

Client: “Sixty.”

Me: “And how many pills did the pharmacy give you?”

Client: “Sixty.”

Me: “Then the pharmacy gave you the correct number of pills. You can order a refill for next month when you get low.”

Client: “But I should have 120 pills!”

Me: “I’m sorry for the confusion, but the doctor did not order two months’ worth of pills at once. She ordered one month, with a refill, which makes two months’ worth of medication. You’ll get sixty now and can request a refill for sixty more when you get low.”

Client: “But I don’t have enough pills!”

Me: “…I’ll see if the doctor can call you for clarification.”

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