She’s A Pearl Before Swine

| Related | February 6, 2016

(I should mention, that my dad is a former biology teacher turned park ranger, simply out of love for the nature. My 11-year-old daughter, while in no way fat, is a strong, chubby child. One afternoon, when dad is visiting, my daughter comes from school. I notice she is very sad.)

Me: “What´s up, muffin? Was [very mean classmate] picking at you again?”

Daughter: “Well… she said I look like wild swine!”

Dad: *absentmindedly, buried in the newspaper* “Yeah, sounds about right.”

Me And Daughter: *shocked* “DAD!”

Dad: *unperturbed, turning a page* “Strong, courageous, and intelligent animal, who routinely stands up to hungry wolf-pack, and who, when grows up, becomes the most caring mom in the whole forest? Yeah, I´d say it sounds about right.”

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