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She’s A Few Nuggets Short Of A Happy Meal

, , , , , | Right | March 3, 2020

(I’m working in the drive-thru, just taking cash, when a woman comes up with a coupon that’s supposed to give her a free hamburger or cheeseburger kid’s meal. She has already argued with the girl taking her order that she doesn’t want a hamburger or cheeseburger, she wants chicken nuggets, so she pulls around to my window to talk to my manager.)

Manager: “I’m sorry, what is it that you’re trying to do?”

Customer: “My kids don’t eat burgers; they want the chicken nugget kid’s meal, not the burgers.”

Manager: “Well, that coupon doesn’t cover that.”

(By now, the girl taking the orders has come back to see what the problem is and we’re standing out of view, listening.)

Customer: “This is ridiculous. You don’t understand! They can’t eat the burgers!”

Manager: “What’s wrong with the burgers?”

Customer: “My kids don’t eat meat!”

(My coworker and I look at one another.)

Me: *whispering* “Isn’t chicken meat?”

Coworker: *nods and we both burst into silent laughter as my manager argues with the woman*

Customer: “Look, just give me the [Fish] meal and a kid’s toy.” *as she drives off, to her children* “As if I would feed my children meat!”

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