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Sheriff Of Nottingham Goes Grocery Shopping

, , | Right | December 4, 2018

(I work in the stock control department of a major UK supermarket. My primary job is to date-check the fresh food and scan all the stuff that goes out of date the next day. I usually find products with today’s date on, and as a favour to department staff, I do the final reductions on it. On this occasion, I’m working my way through a box of reductions. Additionally, in an effort to cut food waste, my store has recently started donating surplus food to food banks, etc.)

Customer: *while snatching things out of my box* “I noticed you lot have put the prices up.”

Me: “Yes, madam, we changed the percentage we do the reductions at, because we now donate leftover reductions to the food bank. Got to make sure there is something left to donate at the end of the night!” *laughs*

Customer: “Well, it’s just my opinion, but we are the customers giving you the money to donate!” *grabs a bag of onions from me and storms off*

(Normally when I tell customers about the food donations the response is, “Really? That’s great!” I never thought I’d see the day that someone would complain about it!)

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