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Shelving The Pay It Forward Part

| Working | July 3, 2015

(I work in an independently owned retail shop. My boss is being interviewed for a newspaper article about local business owners. She is currently discussing restoring the shop after it was flooded several years ago.)

Boss: “So, I called these other business owners I knew, and they were incredibly generous and donated these shelves for our store.” *gestures around at the shelving*

Interviewer: “That’s a wonderful point for me to make in my story: how they stepped in to help you when you needed it. How inspirational.”

Boss: “Yes, for just the cost of the moving van and crew we were able to replace all the old shelves in the store, with lots more extra shelving tucked away in storage.”

Interviewer: “Ready to donate to someone else in need?”

(My boss just gives her this blank stare.)

Boss: *scornfully* “Of course not, that for us to use.”

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