Shelter Yourself From Uncharitable Employees

, , , | Working | April 1, 2019

(After losing my job, I am forced to make financial cuts, including a monthly donation to a local shelter. I go on their website to see how to cancel. The only option is to call the shelter directly.)

Shelter Rep #1: “Thank you for calling [Shelter]. How can I direct your call?”

Me: “Uh, hello. I need to cancel my monthly donation.”

Shelter Rep #1: *angry* “Why?”

Me: *startled* “Well, I lost my job and—“

Shelter Rep #1: “[Shelter] runs solely on volunteers and donations. Every penny counts!”

Me: “Yes, but I have no income and—“

Shelter Rep #1: “And we make no income from your donations! Are you really going to abandon these animals?”

Me: *getting annoyed* “I don’t have a job and my bills are piling up.”

Shelter Rep #1: “We all have regular jobs and donate our time here. Your money goes directly to the animals and upkeep!”

Me: “I’m glad, but I really can’t afford to keep donating right now. Please, just… How do I cancel?”

Shelter Rep #1: *huffs* “If you really don’t want to save animals anymore, I can take your information.”

Me: “Okay…” *gives my information* “And that’s all I have to do?”

Shelter Rep #1: *bitterly* “Yes. Goodbye.”

(I watch my bank account closely. Sure enough, the next month comes around and my “donation” is taken out again. I call back, feeling a little less guilty this time. Thankfully, I get a different woman.)

Shelter Rep #2: “Thank you for calling [Shelter]. How can I direct your call?”

Me: “Hi. I called last month to cancel my donation, but it just came out again.”

Shelter Rep #2: “Oh, I’m sorry about that. Let me take a look. Could I have your information, please?”

Me: *gives my information* “The last woman I spoke with seemed very upset I was cancelling.”

Shelter Rep #2: “Oh. You spoke with [Shelter Rep #1]?”

Me: “I don’t know. She never gave her name.”

Shelter Rep #2: “Yes, I see you spoke with her. She… Well, she was quite passionate about saving animals. Unfortunately, her passion did not quite align with ours and she left without processing your cancellation. I’ll put this through today.”

Me: “Oh, thank you. As soon as I get back on my feet, I’ll be back!”

Shelter Rep #2: *laughs* “These things happen. We are thankful for your donations when they come. I hope you find a job soon. Job hunting can be so stressful!”

Me: *relieved* “Yes, it is! Thank you so much!”

(A few weeks later, I got a call about a job I had been hoping for. As soon as my bills were up to date and I felt stable again, I re-enrolled with the shelter. I understand losing donors hurts, but that woman acting like an a**hole probably hurt them more than they know.)

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