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She’ll Soon Be Feeling The Weight Of Her Rudeness

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Every two years, everyone who works in the workshops has to be seen by our company doctor. Although my position is in the high manager category and I don’t do the manual work at the workshop, I spend a lot of time there, so this year, I have to see the doctor.

When I enter the examination room, she is looking at her computer and doesn’t look at me.

Me: “Good morning, I’m—”

Doctor: “Name.”

Me: “[My Name]. But I don’t—”

Doctor: “Position?”

Me: “Quality manager. I have—”

Doctor: “Hmpf… height?”

Me: *Sigh* “[Height]. I have—”

Doctor: “Weight.”

Me: “[Weight].”

Doctor: “Gee, lady, you are a quality manager and you can’t even live a quality life? Look at your BMI; you are way overweight. You should do something with it. How can you do quality work if you look like this?”

Me: “First, I don’t know how my BMI is connected with my work or with the quality of my life. Second, according to the BMI, I was overweight even when I was a competitive tap dancer because it doesn’t work with muscles. Third, if you would bother to turn around, you’d see that I’m seven months pregnant, so BMI is even more useless than usual.” 

She turns and stares at me.

Me: “So, I’d appreciated it if you’d be so nice as to take that stamp you have next to your keyboard and press it here on this nice paper, which confirms that I’m not blind or deaf, as you can see, and I’ll be on my way. Otherwise, I may start to question how you do other examinations.”

She tears the paper from my hand, stamps it, and throws it back at me.

Me: “Thank you, and have a nice day. Oh, and by the way, I’ll see you next week at the audit. In case you don’t recognize me, I’ll be the one with ‘Main Auditor’ on her name tag.”

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