She’ll Make You Valentine’s Pay

| Chicago, IL, USA | Romantic | February 14, 2016

(As a recent college graduate, I am currently living at home with my parents and two younger brothers. It’s the day before Valentine’s day, and one of my brothers has some extra spy-themed valentines. I decide to take them to work, and write one for everyone in the office, and attach a piece of candy to it. On Friday I hand them out. My boss isn’t in yet, so I just leave it on his desk. Later I check in on him.)

Boss: “Hey, thanks for the valentine.”

Me: “Yeah, no problem. I liked handing them out!”

Boss: “It was a reminder that Valentine’s day is tomorrow, and I didn’t get my wife anything, so I’m just going to reuse your valentine.”

(He hands me the valentine where I see he crossed my name off and wrote his, and where his name was he wrote his wife’s name.)

Boss: “And I ate the candy you gave me, so I’m giving her this instead.” *he shows me a cough drop* “Do you think it’ll be good enough?”

Me: “Ha, no way. You’re going to have to take her to fancy dinner after giving her that!”

(I talked to him the Monday after, and it turned out he really did give it to her! She ended up throwing the cough drop at him, but he made up with flowers and dinner.)

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