Sheldon Cooper dating Amy Farrah-Fowler, Part 5

| Charleston, SC, USA | Romantic | November 26, 2012

(We’re the couple from Sheldon Cooper dating Amy Farrah-Fowler, Part 4.)

Husband: “So. Cadaver lab. Good date or bad date?”

Me: “Eh?”

Husband: “That’s what [coworker] did this weekend.”

Me: “Well, that depends. Is she into anatomy?”

Husband: “She’s in med school. That was their first date. They went to church, she had homework, so she invited him to the cadaver lab.”

Me: “Sounds fine to me, I think that’d be kinda cool.”

Husband: “See, I’d have been worried, like ‘Oh God! You’re going to murder me horribly and leave the body in the cadaver lab where no one would be able to find me or tell the difference! Then, I’d be like, WHOOSH!, ‘Off to Mexico!’”

(I have the sudden realization that this would be an excellent way to hide a body.)

Husband:Don’t give me that look.”

Me: “What? It would be a great way to hide a body!”



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