Shedding Bad Service

| Working | August 1, 2017

(My husband and I want matching coffee table and end tables, but are having a difficult time deciding on which set to purchase. One of our “must haves” is that the tables would be easy to clean. Here’s why: We have two cats. I thought it was fairly common knowledge that shed cat hair tends to float around and land on every available surface. While looking at a complicated wooden table design with glass inlays and a high rim around the edge of the table, this takes place…)

Me: *to Husband* “I don’t know. Look at all the crevices and stuff that we’d have to get into to clean. And that rim on the edge. I feel like it’d be really difficult for me to dust and wipe down.”

Saleslady: *older, white-haired* “Oh, no, hon. You just get a cotton swab or a toothpick and just get right into those cracks. It’s easy!

Me: “Sure, but I don’t want to have to do that every other day when I’m dusting for cat hair.”

Saleslady: *looking appalled* “Cat hair?!”

Me: “Yes. We have two cats. They shed.”

Saleslady: “But… the cat hair gets on the coffee table!?”

Me: “Clearly, you have never owned a cat before.”

(The woman stared at us for several seconds before she made a disgusted noise, looked down her nose at me, and left. We went back to shopping for tables with a different salesperson.)

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