She Will Have To School Him On The Correct Answer

| Romantic | October 21, 2013

(My boyfriend and I have been long-distance since I went away to college. We handle it remarkably well, and usually make time every day to talk to each other or watch a movie over Skype. Usually, I’m the one pushing this together time, but as I’ve had a busy week and my boyfriend just got two jobs (with the hopes of being back in college next semester), by the time he’s ready to talk I’m often asleep or working on homework. He’s just woken me from a nap to talk.)

Me: “Sweetie, how is it that you actually miss me lately? Are you feeling okay? You’re never the one who wants to talk!”

Boyfriend: “It’s just, everything in life is going so well recently, and I’m just missing one thing…”

(I am already melting inside.)

Boyfriend: “…school!”

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