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She Whips Her Cream Back And Forth…

, , , , | Right | January 10, 2019

(I work in a coffee shop. Two ladies are taking their sweet time ordering, talking as if the barista is invisible, and getting frustrated as he attempts to figure out what they want. They order frozen drinks. One very specifically asks for almond milk; the other does not but asks for extra whip. I make the drinks and call them… and call them… One of the ladies finally gets up, now on her phone. I try to tell her to enjoy her beverage, but she aggressively ignores me. Two seconds pass and the almond lady comes back up to my station.)

Customer: “EXCUSE me?!”

Me: “Yes?”

Customer: “You gave my friend whipped cream but not me!”

Me: “Yes?”

Customer: “Why didn’t I get whipped cream?!”

Me: “Because your drink is made with a dairy alternative, it doesn’t get it automatically.”

Customer: “But I want it!”

Me: “Okay, I can give it to you, but there is no dairy-free whipped cream.”

Customer: “What?! Why not?”

Me: “We—“

Customer: *cutting me off* “Whatever. I still want it.”

(I give her a small amount.)

Customer: “NO, more!”

(A regular amount.)

Customer: “MORE!”

(I fill the cup.)

Customer: “THANKS!”

(The following evening, the almond lady returns!)

Customer: “Yeah… I got this drink yesterday.”

(I cut her off.)

Me: “Yes, I made it.”

(Her face freezes. She knows she’s been caught, and deciding whether to abort. Nope, she proceeds.)

Customer: “Well, it made me sick!

Me: “Because of the whipped cream that I told you wasn’t dairy free?”

Customer: “Yes… but it made me sick?”


Customer: “Can I get a free drink?”

(I scream mentally.)

Customer: “IT MADE ME SICK!”

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