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She Wasn’t Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

| Working | April 4, 2017

(My local bookstore has a cafe inside it. They have a policy that if you bring your own cup, you get 10% off and a stamp, which gets you a free drink for every 10.)

Me: “A large black coffee, please.”

(I hand over my own cup and she takes it. She stands there for a moment staring at it confused, but shrugs and gets my drink ready. It takes a little longer than expected, but I just assume they have been cleaning the machine.)

Cashier: *looking miffed* “That’s [full price], please.”

Me: “But I gave you my cup. It should be 10% off.”

Cashier: *huffs* “10%! But I was the one who cleaned it. If anything we should be charging you extra!”

Me: “Extra? What are you—”

(She slides my cup forward, and my coffee in a separate cup on its own.)

Me: “I think there’s been a misunderstanding. The [offer]?”

(She shrugs, turns around, and flat out ignores me. Bear in mind I actually haven’t paid yet. I don’t know to do so I just take my own cup, leaving the coffee, and leave the store altogether. Today was the first time I have been in in over a month. When I didn’t see the woman I decided to ask the owner, who was working the register.)

Owner: “Her…” *shivers*

(I don’t think it ended well for her.)

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