She Wants Coffee So Dark It Bends SpaceTime To Be Served First

, , , , | Right | May 18, 2020

I’m in a well-known coffee shop, waiting in line. [Customer #1] ahead of me orders a cappuccino for herself and a scone for her small child. The barista hands her the scone and she goes down the end of the counter to wait for her cappuccino. I order an iced latte and go down to wait at the end of the counter.

[Customer #2] behind me orders a blended drink with no coffee in it and goes down to wait at the end of the counter. After a few minutes, [Customer #2]’s blended drink comes up.

Customer #1: *To [Customer #2]* “You ordered after me! Why is your drink first?”

[Customer #2] shrugs and leaves.

Customer #1: *to the barista* “Excuse me! Those people ordered after me and got their drink first! Where is my drink? Did you forget it? I had a cappuccino.”

The barista checks the labels on the drinks in line.

Barista: “Yep, I’m starting on it right now.”

Customer #1: “I can’t believe this! How hard is it to make a cappuccino? I can’t believe she got her drink before me.”

I want to point out that the blended drink goes in a different line and was made by a different barista who did not have a line of drinks to make, but I decide to say nothing. [Customer #1]’s drink comes out about a minute later.

Customer #1’s Child: “Can we sit down and eat?”

Customer #1: “No. I’m not staying another minute in here. This is terrible service!”

I actually thought it was rather quick!

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