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She Thinks They’re All Lining Up Against Her

, , , , | Right | September 16, 2021

I’m waiting in line for my job for a store shopper app. The lines are kind of long and there are four people in front of me at the checkout. The cashier is finishing up checking out the first order. The second person is an older woman with a full cart. The man behind her has a few items. The woman behind him has a half-full cart and is talking with the teenager with her, and I’m behind her.

While the woman in front of me isn’t paying full attention, the woman second in line lets the guy with a few items go ahead. While he’s being checked out, the woman who was in front of him is putting her groceries on the belt.

The woman in front of me then notices something is off. She speaks to her teen.

Woman: “Weren’t we behind that man? Why is there someone else in front of us? I am sure we were behind him.”

Me: *Trying to tell her* “She let him in front of her.”

The woman with the teen then proceeds to leave the lane and go to the self-checkout. She starts complaining to the self-checkout employee.

Woman: “That’s ridiculous. I was behind that guy and suddenly there is someone else in front of me!”

Me: *From my lane* “She let him in front of her. Don’t complain unless you’ve been totally aware of what really is going on.”

At least that was one less person in front of me!