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She Really Wants To Taste The Rainbow

, , , , | Right | November 12, 2021

I’m waiting to order a coffee at a big chain coffee shop. Social distancing and limits mean that there is a long queue of people now standing in the rain. Many of the more complicated drinks are off the menu and staff is reduced.

It’s a long wait, made longer by a woman in her twenties trying to order things clearly showing as not available.

Customer: “I don’t understand why you can’t make me a [drink]. It takes no longer than anything else and you have all the ingredients there!”

Barista: “I’m sorry, but we are running a limited menu at the moment.”

Customer: “But I don’t like plain coffee.”

Barista: “We have a range of cold drinks if you prefer?”

Customer: “I don’t want that; I want coffee.”

Barista: “We still have a range of syrups if you wanted a flavoured coffee.”

Customer: *Dramatic sigh* “I suppose I could. Can you make me an [obscure rainbow something] coffee?”

Barista: “I don’t know what that is.”

Customer: “Oh, come on! It’s on the secret menu; how could you not know? You’re being stupid.”

Barista: “We… don’t have a secret menu. We have what’s on the board behind me.”

Customer: “I… don’t… want… what’s… on… the… board. I want my [obscure] coffee. God, why are you being so difficult?!

Barista: “Please order something from the board or leave.”

She sighed, muttered something, and, thankfully, left. Curiosity got the better of me and I Googled the rainbow coffee. I couldn’t find anything matching what she said, so the poor barista really never stood a chance.

Question of the Week

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