She Really Needs To Change Her Tune

| Related | March 6, 2015

(My grandpa, two aunts, and three cousins are over at my dad’s apartment after my cousins’ swimming lessons. My cousins, our aunt, my dad, and I are in the kitchen while the boys eat. Their mom and our grandpa are in the adjoining living room. My dad is whistling as he cooks.)

Cousin #1: “Wow, [My Dad], not only are you a good cook, you’re a good whistler!”

Dad: *laughs* “[My Name] hates when I whistle.”

Cousin #1: “Why? He whistles better than Mommy does.”

Aunt: “Yup. Your mom can’t whistle at all.”

Cousin #1: “She can’t even carry a tune. She should just stop whistling… I hope Mommy hears us.”

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