She Prefers That Other Book With Talking Snakes

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(I am middle-management working at a major chain bookstore during the Christmas rush. A seemingly very pleasant woman who has been there for several hours, obviously doing the bulk of her holiday shopping, finally finishes her shopping and approaches the counter, countless piles around her and in her arms. I would estimate she has somewhere around 100 books, along with several other items — bookmarks, book lights, journals, pens, etc. It takes me the better part of thirty minutes to ring it all up, bag it up, and carry it around to the counter. It’s probably four or five large shopping bags full and a tally, if I recall, in the $300 range. Everything goes smoothly, not a hitch, with everyone happy. She starts to pick up her bags, stops, and notices a sign on the wall.)

Customer: “You sell the Harry Potter books?”

Me: “Yes, of course.”

Customer: “Well, then, I’m not shopping here. I want to return all of this stuff now! I won’t shop somewhere that pushes the occult and Satanism on children!”

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