She Only Likes Servers The Same Color As Her Milk

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It is my second week at a new job at a coffee shop, and a woman who is a regular comes in. It is my first time serving her.

Lady: “Hi, I’d like my coffee light and sweet. No cream. I want whole milk. I repeat, no cream. Don’t let that Asian girl make it. I want you to make it.”

The Asian girl is my shift leader. I give the customer her total and then she pays and I proceed to make her coffee.

Me: “Okay, let me get that for you.”

As I’m making it, the “Asian Girl” goes into the back. She luckily hasn’t heard the remark from the customer.

Lady: “Thank God. That girl almost killed me. Twice. I’m highly allergic to cream. I told her milk and received cream and had an allergic reaction and went to the hospital.”

Me: “Oh, wow, that’s horrible. Glad you are okay.”

Lady: “Yeah, and I came back another time while she was working and asked specifically for milk again, and she made me another coffee with cream and I went to the hospital again. I came back a few days later and complained to your manager and he gave me this.”

She shows me her 10% off coupon that she uses each time she is there.

Lady: “That’s all I got in return. I never want to have her make my coffee again. With all of the mistakes she makes and almost killing me, why hasn’t she been fired yet?”

Me: “Actually, just before I started working here, she was promoted to shift leader. She’s in charge of me.”

Lady:What?! That’s horrible! I can’t believe they would give her a promotion! Ugh!”

She sips her coffee.

Lady: “Well, you did a good job and you gave me milk and not cream! Thank you, and good luck working for the psycho!”

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