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She Must Be Exhausted From Holding That Back All The Time

, , , , | Working | December 6, 2021

I work for a grocery delivery company. I am not actually an employee of any grocery store. Because of this, whenever I’m working, employees tend to drop their work-persona around me because I am not a “real” customer. I love it.

Deli Employee: “Hi! How can I help you today?” 

Me: “Can I get a pound of this ham—” *shows her the order on my app* “—cut on #2, please?”

The deli employee drops her customer service voice as soon as she sees who I am.

Deli Employee: “The other b**** who was supposed to be up here has a doctor’s appointment and left early. I get that. I get it. But girl, you got a whole a** job; you gotta get someone to cover for you, because look at this s***! I’m back here alone! Do you understand? These b*****es leave me here alone! I was supposed to clock out three hours ago, but ain’t no one came to help me. I’m ‘bout to walk out right now and my manager can’t say nothing. We’re out of most cheese. F*** am I supposed to do about that? If my manager has the audacity to try and chit-chat with me when I clock out, I’m swinging. I don’t care. She can fire me. Everyone’s hiring; I’ll get a new job today.”

She hands me the ham and returns to cheery smiles

Deli Employee: “Thank you, have a good day! Who’s next? Actually, ma’am, we’re out of rotisserie chickens…”

I swear she didn’t take a breath that whole time.