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She Must Be A Wizard

| Learning | March 7, 2014

(There is a student who is habitually late for class because she hangs around her locker gossiping with her friends until the bell rings, and then makes a mad dash for class. She is usually anywhere from four to six minutes late. When chastised for the habitual tardiness, she might be on time or – more usually – only a little late for the next class, but by the second class she’d be back to the usual time. One day she comes racing into her first class just a few seconds after the bell rings, and the teacher dryly comments.)

Teacher: “Congratulations, [Student]. you’re late a little earlier than usual!”

(The class chuckles.)

Student: *protesting* “But, Mr. [Teacher], I’m not late. I just got here!”

(The entire class, including the teacher, immediately cracks up.)

Teacher: “You do have a valid, if poorly phrased, point.”

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