She Just Got A Wake-Up Fall

| Learning | June 22, 2013

(My literature class is known for having a somewhat unorthodox teacher, in that every assignment is an essay and the class is taught in a discussion format rather than a lecture format. Today, someone brings in one of those home-ec baby dolls that you have to take care of for a grade and falls asleep with it on her desk.)

Teacher’s Assistant: *to me* “Hey, [my name], you dare me to go slap the doll?”

Me: “Why the h*** not? Maybe it will teach [classmate’s name] not to sleep during class.”

(Much to my surprise, he actually goes over and slaps the doll, sending it a good two or three feet from the desk.)

Classmate: “What the h***? Why did you do that? I’m getting graded for that!”

Teacher: “Maybe you will think about that next time you decide to sleep through class.”

Classmate: “I wasn’t sleeping! I obviously woke up when you dropped the baby.”

Teacher *deadpan* “Think about that for a moment… ‘I wasn’t asleep since I woke up…'”

Classmate: “What?”

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