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She Is Soda-rn Entitled

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I am eleven, at the store with my mom. We are about to leave without buying anything when my mom grabs a coke from one of the fridges by the checkouts. I figure we’ll just wait in line but she instead storms to the front of the line and cuts in front of a woman unloading her cart onto the belt. Mom puts her coke in front of the cashier and tries to hand her the money for it.

Embarrassed beyond belief, I try to stop my mom:

Mom: *Snaps.* “Be quiet!”

The lady she has cut in front of speaks up.

Lady: “You need to get back in line.”

Mom: *Snaps.* “I only have one thing!”

Cashier: “Ma’am, I was about to serve this lady. You need to get back in line—”

Mom: “It’s just a coke, ring me up!”

I try again to point out that there’s a line, but I’m ignored. My mom ends up throwing the money at the cashier and then takes her coke and we leave. I apologize to the cashier and the lady that was cut in front of, and hurry after my mom.

Me: “Why did you do that?”

Mom: “It was just one thing! The cashier should have just rung up the coke!”

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