She Is Of Your Blood

, , | Related | December 5, 2017

(I am about ten years old. My family is attending my youngest cousin’s baptism. While waiting for everything to start, my 13-year-old sister and I wander around a bit, looking for something interesting to do. We notice that there are small, oddly-shaped bowls hanging from a low wall around the outside of the pews, so we decide to investigate.)

Me: “What do you think these are? They look like ashtrays.”

Sister: “Yeah, but in a church? You can’t smoke in a church.”

Me: “Oh, wait a sec, there’s water in them! I guess they’re little things of holy water.”

Sister: “Oh, cool.” *goes to touch the water*

Me: “NO, DON’T!”

Sister: “Why not?”

Me: “It’ll turn into blood!”

Sister: *now angry* “MOM!”

Mom: *clearly trying not to laugh, but smiling* “Well, honey… she’s got a point.”

(Dad burst out laughing and [Sister] stomped away. I still tease her about it 18 years later!)

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