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She Is An “X” Customer

, , , , , , | Right | CREDIT: NikkiConners | September 29, 2020

I am at a local BBQ place. It’s an outdoor restaurant/cafe where you basically walk up, order your food, and wait in your car, and they call out your number when your food is ready. You have the options to eat in your car or in the picnic area or carry out.

I order my husband some food over the phone and I drive over there to pick it up. The place is packed when I show up, so I am patiently waiting in line, talking to other people until…

Customer: “EXCUUUSE ME!” *Huffs*

I turn around and I see her.

Me: “Uh, yeah?”

Customer: “I got a two-year-old in the car; can I get in front of you?”

She points to an “expensive”-looking BMW, and I hear the car running, so I know the air con is on.

Me: “Did you call ahead?”

Customer: “No, I need to order.”

Me: “Well, I called ahead and my food is done. I just need to pay and I’ll leave.”

If I had to order and she had called, I would have let her in front of me.

Customer: “Yeah, but I’m ordering for another group. Just let me in front of you. Looks like you can afford to wait a minute or two.”

Me: “No need to be rude now!”

I hear them yell my last name, and I turn around and ignore her telling me to come back here and “respect my elders.” I pay for my food and head to my car. I hear this customer shouting as I make my way.

Customer: “Wait, these are NOT star-shaped fries!”

Cashier: “Ma’am, I told you over the phone that we are out…”

Customer: “I don’t give a rat’s a** if you’re out. [Grocery Store] is down the road! You could have bought some for my baby!”

Cook: *Stands by the cashier* “Ma’am, do you want a refund or do you want something else?”

Customer: *Puffs* “No, I’ll take these dumb fries. I’d better check the other food while I wait…”

Cashier: “Can you do it on the side so other people can order?”

Customer: “They can wait a minute or two…”

She is literally digging in her takeout bag. She pulls out a hamburger. I begin to laugh when she takes the bun off.

Customer: “Wait, I told you how I wanted my ketchup on my burger.”

Cook: *To the cashier* “I thought you’re we’re joking when you said to make the ketchup an X shape”

Cashier: “No, I wasn’t. She really said that!”

The customer’s face is as red as the ketchup.


She then THROWS… yes, THROWS the burger at the cashier and screams incoherent words at her. I stop laughing and just stare. Another customer grabs her and pulls his shirt up and… he is a cop! This woman has the classic Shocked Pikachu face.

Officer: “I really didn’t want to arrest someone on my d*** break. [Cashier], do you want to press charges?”

The cashier just nodded, and the woman was arrested. It was in the local newspaper and was the talk of the small town for a MONTH!

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