She Hit A Nerve Pinch, Part 2

| Related | January 3, 2013

(It’s been over a decade since my mother’s kids have all been in the same room at once. My younger siblings and I don’t really get on well with the older generation siblings, split by over a decade age gap, but we’re trying for mom’s sake.)

Baby Sister: “I’m getting more soda. Anyone want anything?”

Older Sister: “I’ll have some too.”

(I can see my baby sister take out the bottle from the fridge, but there is only enough for one. She checks the pantry, and comes up empty-handed.)

Baby Sister: “Not enough for a full glass for each of us. I can split it, or if you’d like something else?”

Older Sister:You get something else. I want soda.”

Me: “Not how that works. There are plenty of juices, eggnog, or wine if you’d prefer?”

Older Sister: “No! I’m older, I get my way first.”

(I roll my eyes as the older sister gets up to go snatch the drink from the baby sister, who is patiently waiting for the alternative drink order. The older sister tends to be very pushy because she’s a head taller than the rest of us. Baby sister, however, is the strongest.)

Older Sister: “Gimme!”

Baby Sister: “Um… no.”

Older Brother: “Just choose something else!”

Older Sister: “Have to teach these girls manners!”

(I watch as the older sister—in her thirties—tries to be intimidating, but baby sister—in her teens—calmly reaches up and presses a spot on older sister’s collarbone. My older sister falls like a mass of jelly to the ground, like the gravity has been turned off.)

Me: *to my baby sister* “What the heck, Spock?!”

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